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Welcome on home page of civic assotiation Czech Spitfire Club.

Our aim is to mediate today's young generation positive role and moral reference of Czechoslovak pilots and other soldiers, who fought against Nazism during the Second World War.
According to the fact that the direct participants in foreign resistance and especially members of the Royal Air Force are decreasing, we want to follow with their helpful activities and to facilitate knowledge and materials to the public. For this we want to use these websites, lectures, competitions, exhibitions and other forms.

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Who we are & our main ideas

One of the most famous period of the Czech military history is the period of World War II. In particular the period between September 1939 and May 1945. That time our airmen and other soldiers faced in Poland and then in France, Great Britain and Russia but also in other places of the world with weapons in the hands to nazism and fascism. This way they realised what they were not able to do in autumn 1938 and spring 1939 . They showed all the world that the Czech nation did not make up with slaveny to which it was thrown. They clearly demonstrated that our nation is willing to bring the same sacrifice as other nations in the common fight against fascism tyranny . President Beneš called our airmen and soldiers as our best diplomats of that time. As well as in World War I, when our legions were one of the most forcible arguments of TG Masaryk with a view to the creation of a separate ethnic state, our resistance in the World War II helped exile government to participate in the antifascism coalition efforts to achieving the final victory. Also just thanks to our pilots, who fought as the only ones throughout the war, it managed to cancel the acceptance of the Munich dictate, and for Czechoslovakia and his government it was granted to have legal continuity, including the recognition of prewar borders. Great thanks from all of us who live in democracy and freedom must therefore continuously belong to those hundreds and thousands of people who were fighting also for us that time and who often gave down their lives.

Today's time allows previously undreamed possibilities of obtaining information, travelling etc. On the other hand, as we get farer away from the war , the direct participants in the fighting and witnesses of that era are declining and moral legacy and the advice derived from it are gradually disappearing and they are receding into the background.

Especially for young people, but not only for them, it is now necessary to submit information with form which will assume. It is not also insignificant the several time in the history proven fact that a nation, which does not learn from its history , risks that the history will repeat itself.

To contribute to the effort to mediate the moral reference of Czechoslovak flyers and other soldiers and all for whom freedom, democracy and humanism were more than everything, as well as today's young generation, this civic association was established. We believe that with objective information about that time we can reach out also today's young generation. For our work we want to use modern equipment that internet and audio-visual equipment allow, but we also want to stimulate interest not only in reading books, but also in visiting places that are related to the history. We want to stimulate interest in this time and moral aspect which it brought. In addition to this so called social activity we also want to stimulate the interest of the technology with which our airmen fought. As one of the symbols of our association we have chosen an airplane Supermarine Spitfire, which is not only a symbol of victory in the Battle of Britain, an icon of its time, but also one of the best and technically most excellent weapons of our flyers, which were available for them. This interest could possibly result in other activities, such as air modeling or flying as itself. We make an effort to offer a useful alternative for spending the leisure time of youth. We want to offer an alternative to boredom which often leads to socially problematic phenomena, such as using drugs or other addictive substances, grafity etc. We want to offer a positive alternative to self-fulfillment instead of social pathological activities such as the activities in the extremist, nationalist, fascism and other movements.

We believe that the moral reference and presenting (now often missing) positive models will not remain without response. On the premise that even today it is necessary to recall these things again and help to inform truthfully, because there are still efforts to interpret history tendentiously, sometimes even deliberately to distort history (deny the Holocaust, deny the existence of concentration camps, the challenge or attempt to revise history such as the abolition of the Beneš decrees etc.)

Informace a materiály z tohoto webu lze volně využít pro připomínání památky našich letců a další pozitivní záměry v souladu s idejemi sdružení.
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PDF prezentace klubu a Spitfiru
Muzeum RAF Police
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7. října, 14:00 (sobota)
Připomínka 103. výročí narození Adolfa Zeleného, navigátora 311. čs. bombardovací perutě RAF - Rožná u Bystřice nad Pernštejnem (web)
7. října, 16:00 (sobota)
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21. září
František Hradil (105) - plk., P/O RAF (stíhací pilot)
* 21.9.1912 Těšetice u Olomouce
† 5.11.1940 Temže Southend on Sea (Velká Británie)
Karel Šlouf (100) - plk., Sgt RAF (stíhací pilot)
* 21.9.1917 Dvorec (Nepomuk)
† 11.4.1980 České Velenice
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28. června
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